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IBM Lotus Web Content Management (LWCM)

Web content management represents the effort to systematically create, control, deliver, and maintain the rapidly growing and changing volume of information published on a company’s Web site. Managing and delivering this content quickly and efficiently is a requirement for success in today’s business world.

Web content management not only affects customers, but employees, business partners, suppliers, and vendors also. Equipping these groups with the right information and making it easier to conduct business with you rather than your competitor is critical. This is often difficult for companies because:

  • In many organizations, the people who actually create the content do not have access rights or the skills necessary to make changes to site design and content, thus delaying the publishing process.
  • Content in different sections of the Web site is managed by different users. This often results in an inconsistent look and feel that is frustrating to Web site visitors.
  • Many organizations do not take advantage of existing data in their backend systems.

These difficulties can present challenges, such as:

  • Web site development, management, and update costs are too high
  • Trouble controlling growing volumes of content and capturing information from various sources
  • Encouraging repeat visitors and meeting demands of consumers
  • Storing and managing multiple copies of information for use in different sites and devices

Our Approach to Meeting Your Goals

IBM Lotus Web Content Management can help provide a complete solution to designing, creating, managing, and publishing Web content.  Lotus Web Content Management extends and accelerates IBM WebSphere Portal and other Web-based delivery, reducing the development effort required to personalize the delivery of managed content and assets from Internet, intranet, and extranet sites.
Lotus Web Content Management provides dynamic, personalized content that maximizes the flow of highly relevant, rapid, and accurate business information to meet growing expectations.

Streamline content development while freeing IT resources
IBM Lotus Web Content Management software is designed to accelerate Web content development and deployment. By enabling end users to easily create and publish content, you can help speed the Web content management process, reduce IT and Web master bottlenecks, and eases the burden on your IT staff.  Lotus Web Content Management software can potentially help reduce costs by leveraging your existing supported IT investments and Web content.

Empower users to manage content to increase efficiency
Lotus Web Content Management software features an easy-to-use, portlet-based interface for authoring, previewing and delivering content. Content experts and managers can quickly and easily create, publish and manage Web content right from their own desktops.

Authors can also use standard and familiar software application programs and native authoring tools, which can help accelerate delivery of business-critical information through Internet, intranet and extranet sites—all without the need for programming skills.  And with the versioning capability, historical versions of content and site assets can be saved and restored—if corporate policies or compliance rules require it.

Lotus Web Content Management software enhancements include simplified content creation within a customizable user interface, in-line authoring from Web site pages and advanced rules-based personalization, as well as scalability, management and administration improvements. More efficient content delivery can help employees, customers and partners easily access the business information they need—when they need it. And it can help your organization keep pace with rapidly changing business needs.

Help reduce IT costs by leveraging existing systems and content
You can leverage your supported IT investments to help reduce your total cost of ownership by deploying and integrating Lotus Web Content Management software across existing infrastructures, including your IBM WebSphere® platform. The application programming interface externalization feature gives organizations the ability to build solutions for migrating and importing content from other Web content management products and for performing advanced rendering and batch processing.


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