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Administrations Tools
Even though Lotus Notes and Domino administration has become a lot easier to handle, there remain a number of administration tasks for which vendors are offering appropriate solutions. Take a look here.
Printing / PDF / Fax
Printing documents from Lotus Notes and Lotus Notes applications
CRM (Customer Relation Management)
Word has got around that CRM is no longer just a simple address and case management tool. Look here to find a wide range of solutions meeting up to the requirements of modern customer relation management.
Development Tools
Here you will find Lotus Notes development tools developed by IBM Business Partners.
E-Mail Management
Even though Lotus Notes is a lot more than “just” an e-Mail system, the mail components remain the core of most Lotus Notes applications. Discover here the wide range of solutions and processes available.
Helpdesk tasks and processes can often be defined as workflows – and therefore just the right thing for Lotus Notes. Look here to find out about the whole range of requirements and their solutions.
mobile Solutions / CTI / VoIP
The gradual synthesis of mobile devices and classical IT applications is in full swing. And this leads to new integration challenges. Various vendors are here offering ways of solving them.
Project Management
The obvious way of tackling project management is to do it with groupware – which is what Lotus Notes is all about. The range of possible tools to support project management is wide. Take a look here to find the solution tailored to your requirements.
Team Solutions / Group Calendar
Lotus Notes was built as a groupware solution – designed for people working together as a team. There are a number of applications extending these functions or building upon them.
Web Content Management
The Web and Notes – what used to be two different worlds is now gradually merging together. And with it the opportunities available in Notes for working with the Web. Look here to find a range of interesting ideas and solutions.
Workflow / Process Management
Process management enables a flexible implementation of individual business processes at no great cost. With internal company processes becoming increasingly complex, success is dependent to a great degree on the use of adaptable modular workflow systems. Why not convert your business processes to IT-controlled workflows – quickly and at no great cost?
We have no idea how high your security requirements are with regard to your IT-infrastructure – including Lotus Notes and Domino. This is why we are listing here all options and applications known to us.
Specific Business Applications
Specific solutions for individual departments. Ranging from HR to ideas and complaints management, from travel planning to managing your contracts. Here you are sure to find an interesting solution for your company.
Digital Archiving
There are wide-ranging archiving options available, ranging from Notes document archiving to audit-proof archives. Whatever you are looking for, you should find it here.
Industry Solutions
In this category you will find solutions tailored to specific industries – solutions for banks, for the beverage industry or for facility management.

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