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IBM Lotus Sametime

We understand your need for real-time communication to provide your company with access to people and information —right now. You need to react faster to provide immediate responses to customers and business partners and gain an edge over your competitors by collaborating more effectively and keeping your daily business tasks on track, on budget, and under control.

Our Approach to Meeting Your Goals

A comprehensive instant messaging (IM) and Web conferencing solution, IBM Lotus Sametime V8.0 software provides the communication and collaboration tools you need to operate your business in real time. Built-in security features allow you to exchange confidential business information reliably. You can be confident that your recipient’s identity is verified and only your intended recipient has access to the information. Lotus Sametime software is designed to integrate with your existing IT environment, providing the opportunity for significant cost savings and a consistent technology approach across your entire enterprise.

Lotus Sametime software provides presence awareness, security-rich instant messaging, and Web conferencing that is built for business. The perils of doing business on unsecured networks and spiraling unpredictable costs of “pay as you go” Web conferencing services mean that Sametime V8.0 is the right choice for the enterprise.

Lotus Sametime software is much more than just chat and Web conferences; it is an open-standards-based platform for real-time collaboration. Businesses and IBM Business Partners use Lotus Sametime V8.0 APIs and toolkits to build innovative real-time collaboration applications, as well as improve any application, business process, or third party application.


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