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IBM Lotus Expeditor

IBM Lotus Expeditor software provides a desktop client integration solution to build composite applications and extend managed clients to a variety of devices. Built on Eclipse and OSGi technologies, Lotus Expeditor is an open, standards-based alternative to Microsoft® .NET clients. Lotus Expeditor software augments the Eclipse Rich Client platform with security, middleware, and an integration framework to provide customers with a supported product that has been proven in production on millions of desktops. The software toolkit plugs into your existing Eclipse or IBM Rational® Application Developer environment to help developers rapidly build and deploy applications. The software can be used to extend other IBM offerings like IBM WebSphere Portal, IBM Lotus Sametime, IBM Lotus Notes, IBM Lotus Symphony, IBM Lotus Forms and IBM WebSphere Application Server software.

Client integration can be used to optimize the information that your employees need to accelerate your business processes. Use it to extend your IBM Lotus or IBM WebSphere Portal (or other IBM WebSphere or Eclipse) or other application infrastructures such as Microsoft applications. Lotus Expeditor software supports client integration on laptops, desktops, kiosks and mobile device clients. And Lotus Expeditor integrator software provides a local concentrator and integration hub for transactional messaging for satellite locations of an enterprise such as retail outlets or remote offices. Lotus Expeditor software provides the flexibility of service oriented architecture (SOA) and a standards-based programming model from the OSGi alliance and the Eclipse foundation.

With IBM Lotus Expeditor software you can extend SOA-based composite applications to a managed client environment on various supported devices. Lotus Expeditor software is an open standards based alternative to Microsoft .NET clients.
IBM Lotus Expeditor software can help accelerate business processes by providing a client integration platform (where existing applications can be integrated together for employees) and a transaction integration hub (where local transactions can be consolidated sent to a central site on a near realtime basis). The transaction integration function is designed for distributed locations. The client integration capabilities are ideal for applications used by bank tellers, call center staff, insurance adjusters, healthcare professionals, travel agents, and other customer care employees. When information is integrated on the client desktop and optimized for the task at hand, it can help businesses can cut seconds or even minutes off of a customer care process.

We understand that IT and line-of-business managers face unique challenges, such as:

  • Challenges for IT managers:
      • Employees need offline access to information and data.
      • Offline applications need to be remotely managed; otherwise, it results in higher administration cost.
      • Applications (thin client) that access the server to process every click consume a lot of bandwidth. This results in higher network connectivity cost.
      • Software based on proprietary architecture results in lock-in, higher support and maintenance cost, and lower flexibility.
      • Developers want to extend a number of back-end applications without ripping and replacing.
      • Microsoft has announced end of support for Visual Basic 6. The customers need to migrate their applications.
  • Challenges for line-of-business managers:
      • Employees (for example, contact center and bank teller employees) who must switch between a number of applications as part of their workflow experience slower response time.
      • Field service and sales force employees cannot access enterprise applications in the field, resulting in loss of productivity.
      • To help improve responsiveness of their employees (front office, customer service), we provide server managed composite desktop software that integrates and aggregates applications and information, resulting in more efficient workflow.
      • To help increase productivity of field service and sales force employees, we provide server managed client software that provides anytime, anywhere access to information with or without network connectivity.

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