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Future event networking – powered by intelligence!
  • Do you want to be part of the event community?
  • Do you want to share your knowledge?
  • Do you want to make sure you meet the right people?
  • Do you want to have the most efficient time at your event as possible?
Get hubs: – get me – and have the most interactive and efficient event!

Event Planner – Your Interactive Schedule to Plan Your Visit!

hubs: is like your very own pocket PA made from code and with good intentions. You can create your own custom conference schedule and get notified when your session is approaching. Our handy app will also be invaluable as you navigate through the conference programme. During the event, we will keep you updated with all eventualities, send news straight to your smartphone. Word of mouth is so overrated. And most importantly, hubs: will help you make the most relevant connections!

Smarter Business Events & Networking with AI-Powered Matchmaking Increase Your Onsite Satisfaction!

Event networking can be a tedious process. Professionals have high expectations of networking at events, but often don’t make the connections they had hoped for. hubs: helps you make valuable connections at the Enterprise Business Collaboration, saves you time and effort by using advanced algorithms to recommend the right people and presents them in an intuitive interface that you will love.. Bring magic and create meaningful connections!

AI Matchmaking

Using advanced algorithms in combination with real-time learning from every interaction, hubs: recommends the most relevant attendees and partners for you to meet at the Industry of Things World 2017.

Addictive Networking

Swipe Swipe Swipe – While being fun and addictive, hubs: gives you the power to choose who you wish to meet without the negative drawbacks of having thousands of unwanted messages.

Seamless Scheduling – Steering Timetables

Our personalized timetables allow you to find the best time to set-up a meeting for your clients at the event, manage meeting locations, time slots and availabilities automatically. Use our deep search functionality and automatically index your customers’ robust and unique profiles to generate relevant search attributes.

Customized and Configurable Meeting-Planner

Find the most relevant attendees for you – based on your profile, relevant topics, contacts, company and a lot more.
Configurate your own matchmaking setting based on your questions and topics.

Personal Timetables

Plan your timetables and meetings  based on the availability of your peers.
Book and steer meetings during the event.

Swipe and Swipe again – It‘s a Match!

Get complete profiles and customized selections of suggested attendees before, during and after the event.
Make the right connections and maximise your return of invest of your valuable time at the event.

Real Connections – Real Conversations

Attendees can chat before, during and after the event, grab a coffee together or plan a meeting.
Personal conversations are a very effective way to get to know each other better. Meet up on site and to continue the conversation later on.
Create real connections and build long term relationships with either individual chats or team chats!

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