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Features IBM Lotus Web Content Management (LWCM)

For authors

  • Simplified content creation process through the use of authoring templates
  • Intuitive user interfaces supporting a variety of user types
  • Inline authoring enables in context editing from within a Web  page
  • Advanced rich text editor for creating HTML without developer skills

For end users

  • Advanced, rule-based personalization for highly customized experiences
  • Extensive site search capabilities
  • Accessibility support

For scalability

  • Management of large/multiple sites using libraries
  • WebSphere Clustering support
  • Advanced Caching support
  • Gain better control of assets and deployment of content.

For Web site management

  • Separation of content from presentation through templates
  • Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) support
  • Web accessibility and standards
  • Business rule-based personalization
  • Easily control deployment of content and assets to different Web sites
  • Resuable components for creating and managing linked content

For site administration

  • Simplified cache and logging
  • Integrated administration within WebSphere Portal


  • Speeds time to market by enabling companies to rapidly build and deploy Web sites
  • Improves communications by enabling users of all skill level to create, maintain, and deploy Web content
  • Optimizes Web experiences through advanced personalization and search
  • Improves efficiency by reducing the time it takes to get changes/content to the Web

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